Top Advantages of Laser Marking

The laser marking technology has seen a boom lately. It is being used extensively and is modifying the manufacturing industry to a great extent. From customized giftware like jewelries to manufacturing aircrafts, laser marking is a technology that is finding its application across several different industries. 

Adding to the advantages, laser markers too can be of different types including portable handheld laser marker to meet the particular needs of a manufacturer. 

Here, in this post, we have rounded up a few benefits that you’ll get if you choose to use a laser marking machine. So, let’s move on with it.

No Contact Marking on Multiple Surfaces

Laser markers can be used to engrave or etch information on a huge variety of surfaces including metal, acrylic, plastics, leather, wood, or ceramics. Thus, you can easily engrave what you want to on your chosen substance by using a single machine. 

On top of that, you do not need to come in contact with the material you want to engrave upon. This is because, laser printing uses focused light and there is no contact with the laser marker and the marking surface. The great advantage of using laser markers is that you as a manufacturer do not have to spend a lot on manpower, printing die, or parts that makes up other forms of printing. 

Low Cost Marking Solution

Other forms of marking require a die or some other special treatments and of course manpower to use them. The die is prone to wear and tear and thus you may need to replace the die or create a new die every now and often so that you can mark on surfaces clearly. This is a tedious and laborious process involving a lot of costs.

Compared to that laser marking machines require little maintenance and can be easily integrated into the production line. Thus, the long-term costs are minimum and you save quite a bit of money that wouldn’t have been possible with other marking techniques.

High-Speed Output

Laser marking machines are characterized by high-speed and high-precision markings and is a faster technology compared to other marking techniques. 

A computer is connected to the laser markers. The printing program is on the computer and gives you the control over the precision of the marking machine used. 

These machines can be easily integrated onto production line and with time many are getting comfortable with the use of laser marking machines.

Permanent Markings

Laser markings are permanent and thus is an excellent choice for products with longer shelf life. The permanent markings that the laser marking machines create does not fade off like paper stickers.

Many manufacturers thus have switched to laser marking because other forms of markings like paper stickers can getting off easily in transport or rough handling of goods. 

Easily Readable

Laser markers create extremely precise markings over any surface. The accurate and precise markings, even small ones are easily readable. The markings are clean and thus portrays your information correctly to the end users. 

You can etch anything on your product. 2D images, patterns, numbers, product information and many other such markings can easily be engraved onto your product with a clear precision. 

No Post-Treatment 

Unlike other marking technologies, laser markings do not need any post production treatment. Chemicals and other fluids are often required in other forms of marking techniques that laser marking does not. 

Once engraved, it’s permanent and clear and that’s the end of it. You don’t need any pre or post-engraving processes with laser markers. 

These are in short, the advantages that a laser marking machine have. There can be different types of laser markers including portable handheld laser markerfor easy use in any type of application and products. 

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