Video Business cards: All you need to know!

Business cards have always been an impactful tool for marketing and advertising. They have been used for creating brand awareness and generating potential sales over the past years. Nearly every business entity and professional were found carrying a business card before digital media came along. The advancement of digital media has paved for a better way of business marketing and advertising. However, business cards still hold their significance as a prime tool for creating market awareness. It’s just that these business cards have seen an upgrade as an effect of digitization. In present times, video business cards are in huge demand.

In simple words, video cards are nothing but video in print. These are business cards with a built-in LCD screen that automatically plays a video on being opened and stop when closed. The card is structured to have an LCD screen along with a portable speaker that plays any additional music, audio, or sound. These video systems are rechargeable and can be reused multiple times for delivering different business messages. 

Video in print has emerged to be one of the most effective business tools owing to the rising demand for visual content. People have grown accustomed to consuming visual content on the Internet every day and therefore long written texts often go unnoticed and stand irrelevant. Therefore, video business cards can help in targeting a specific range of audiences by reaching out to them through custom video messages. This is an easy medium to ensure that your business messages are reaching out to the target audiences without being overlooked. 

Features of video business cards 

Here are a few characteristics of video business cards:

  • LCD screens for quality visuals 

As stated earlier, a large number of people are habituated to consuming visual content online. Therefore, traditional printed business cards can go unnoticed as people are redundant to read long descriptive texts. By switching to video in print i.e. video business cards, you can have your message displayed on an HD screen to grab the maximum attention of the targeted person. 

  • Customizable

These business cards are available in a variety of sizes, designs, colors, etc. to fit your requirements. You can have a fully personalized video business card that will represent the true essence of your brand. Right from the video message to the soft or hardcover, everything can be customized to your brand needs. You can have superior quality prints on the card to highlight the card content before people begin to watch it.

  • Automatic sensors 

Another prime feature of a business video card is the automatic sensors installed in it. These sensors automatically start playing the video and audio when the card is opened and vice-versa. There is no additional interference required on the part of the person who’s receiving the card. The video starts and stops playing as per the automated sensors. Also, these video business cards have a playback feature that keeps playing the same video unless it is closed. The card receiver can keep on seeing the video until they don’t understand the message completely. 

  • High memory & long battery life 

These video business cards have a high memory capacity that can be used to convey long messages without overlapping words or content. Being a strong advertising tool, businesses must take this as an opportunity to deliver messages that they wish to be known by their audiences. Along with high memory capacity, these business cards have long battery life.  

Video business cards are a great option to stand out in the competition. Through these, you can reach out to the targeted range of customers and create a strong impression for your brand. It is a smart way to ensure that your brand message is communicated efficiently without employing costly marketing and advertising tools. Make your first impression unforgettable with unique messages through video in print. 


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