5 Ways to Use Custom-Printed Acrylic Signs this Summer

Planning to advertise your brand on a budget this summer? Cost-effective and durable acrylic signs maybe your best option. Several businesses use these cost-effective signs to promote their brands. Leaders of small, local businesses find these signs to be extremely helpful in attracting the attention of local shoppers.

In 2022, several companies are set to increase their overall marketing spending. But, that doesn’t mean that traditional marketing tools like acrylic posters and signs will go out of fashion. These signs come in various versions. Different types of businesses use different types of acrylic posters and signs for promotions and marketing.

  • Retail store owners use directional signage to inform shoppers about their brands, products, services, etc. In-store acrylic posters and signs help beautify the store and attract more shoppers.
  • Logo signages made of acrylic help brands promote their products and services in outdoor locations (e.g., local sporting events).
  • Marketers use acrylic posters and signs at promotional events (e.g., tradeshows, business conferences, etc.)

Is your business planning to use acrylic posters and signs for these purposes? Great! These signs are incredibly durable. If you custom-design your acrylic posters and signs properly, they can help you attract customers for several years. Here are five other creative uses of these attractive and long-lasting signs –

Storefront Decorations

An acrylic poster with detailed graphics can help catch the attention of potential shoppers as they drive/walk by your store. Once these signs catch their attention, you can engage target customers even more by sharing important brand-related information.

  • Display your store’s hours of operation.
  • Promote special offers, deals, and discounts.
  • Inform target shoppers about other locations of your brand.

High-quality acrylic posters and signs are the perfect tools to welcome potential customers into your store. Storefront signs can help create warm and positive brand impressions on every customer who enters your store.

Promote New Products and Services

Launching a new product or service? Let the local shoppers know what your brand has to offer. Use custom-printed acrylic posters and signs to –

  • Announce new arrivals of products
  • Educate customers about your company’s missions and values.
  • Create separate signs for specific products or services to highlight their benefits. Install these signs inside your store or in outdoor locations.

UV and water-resistant signs made of acrylic perform exceptionally well both indoors and outdoors.

Highlight Special Local Events

Show your brand’s involvement in the local community by putting up custom-printed acrylic posters and signs highlighting important local events. For example, if a local football team is playing, show your support with cheap but high-quality acrylic posters and signs.

Encourage Customer Loyalty 

Create custom acrylic posters and signs that directly address your customers. Make signs expressing gratitude for their business. You can also create directional and informational signs to educate customers about the location of certain products inside the store.  

Educate Employees

You can use acrylic posters and signs as educational tools for employees. Print COVID19 health and safety guidelines for employees to let them know they’re valued at their workplace.

Use your creativity and start creating custom acrylic posters and signs for your business now!


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