Planning to Purchase Tarps? Here Are Some Best Variations

Tarps, also known as tarpaulins, are a sheet made of different types of materials such as polyethylene, canvas, mesh, polypropylene, PVC, etc. The high-quality tarps are water-resistant, flexible, durable, and waterproof. People use the tarps for numerous applications in both their personal and commercial aspects. Tarps are extremely effective to provide protection against wind, rain, snow, and direct sunlight. High-quality tarps are commonly used in construction camps to protect scaffoldings, cover buildings, or cover trucks or cargos. As they are made of UV-resistant materials, you can protect your products from overexposure and harmful effects of the UV rays. 

Most tarps are equipped with robust grommets at each corner that allow them to sit tightly over the objects. Due to the grommets, the tarps don’t blow away with the wind. Grommets can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, and other materials. The classification of the tarps is dependent on their thickness, materials, and purposes. Here are some different types of tarps available in the market. 

Mesh Tarps 

Mesh tarps are crafted from breathable fabrics. This is why these tarps allow the passage of moisture, sunlight, and air. The mesh tarps come with grommets situated at the edges that help the user to tie them down perfectly. Mesh tarps also feature double-stitched hems. It doesn’t matter which color and size you want, you can always find mesh tarps to satisfy your needs. 

Even though they can block UV rays, keep in mind that cannot block more than 50% of UV rays from the sun. However, if you consider purchasing polyethylene mesh tarps, they can effectively block more than 93% of the UV rays. But the superior UV rays protection comes from the polypropylene mesh tarps, blocking more than 97% of the UV rays. As per Corrosionpedia, polypropylene is flexible and tough

Mesh tarps feature small holes between the fabric threads. Therefore, unlike the other tarps, they cannot resistant to strong wind. Mesh tarps can be used in various applications such as:

  • Keeping the debris contained. 
  • Covering the dump trucks. 
  • Covering the outdoor swimming pool. 

Clear Canvas Tarps 

The canvas clear tarps were designed to be used as curtains. They are crafted using sheer materials that enhance light circulation. In other words, the canvas clear tarps are 100% transparent. They are not only waterproof but also capable of withstanding snow and rain. This is why they are perfect to cover something during the winter season. If the temperature goes colder, you can also use the clear canvas tarps to cover your deck or patio. 

Canvas Tarps 

Canvas is one of the heaviest materials. They usually feature wax coating to increase their water resistance. Canvas tarps are made of highly breathable materials that enhance air circulation through each fiber. You can find both treated and untreated canvas tarps in the market. Treated canvas tarps offer more protection against mildew, water, and UV rays. On the other hand, untreated canvas tarps cannot provide 100% water protection. 

The canvas tarps are effective at covering the outdoor materials. As they are dyed through a specific dye method, they are water-repellent. However, keep in mind that canvas tarps might stain the products. Therefore, you should only use them to cover products that won’t matter the stains. 


The tarp you purchase is completely dependent on your purposes. Therefore, make sure you don’t choose something irrelevant. If you want clear vinyl tarps, make sure you call us. 


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